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Welcome to the UK website of KIMO INSTRUMENTS. We offer high quality professional instruments for measuring and controlling all air parameters.

Our range includes, manometers, pitot  tubes, balometers, airflow cones, vane and hotwire anenometers, air quality, solar, lux, sound, humidity, debimo blades, temperature, liquid column manometers, data loggers, wireless dataloggers airflow, sensors, transmitters, displays, thermocouples, tachometers, wireless probes and multifunction instruments.

Even though this is an online site where you can buy our products, we are a traditional business operating from proper premises that you are welcome to visit. We are here to offer advice, service and support. We have demo kit available for you to evaluate or borrow should you need it in an emergency. And if you can't come to us then we have a team of  four sales staff covering the country as well as an excellent selection of resellers.

Please feel free to contact KIMO Instruments with any questions or advice. One of our nationwide sales team would also be pleased to visit and demonstrate an instrument to you in person.

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